Homefacts Website Redesign

This Address Page for Homefacts was created using a 12 column Bootstrap layout. The side column on the right will lock at the bottom as the user scrolls so you won’t have a blank gray area on the right. It is my desire to have the right column be collapsible, but I know that because of requirements for advertising it is most likely not going to happen. The top navigation will be replaced with a Sticky Nav that will have Anchor Links to the different sections on this page. The Creative Brief requires all content to be on a single page without the use of tabs (I know this because I wanted to consolidate content in an attempt to reduce the page length – 10,778px long!). The design utilizes elements like Ghost Buttons, a pop-up for the Local Agent Form (accessible from the Sticky Nav), New Colors based on the newly created Brand Guidelines, New Charts, and New Icons. There is also a Creative Cloud collaborative Library with all Text Styles, Colors, and Icons that I have assembled for Homefacts.