This Address Page for Homefacts was created using a 12 column Bootstrap layout. The side column on the right will lock at the bottom as the user scrolls so you won’t have a blank gray area on the right. It is my desire to have the right column be collapsible, but I know that because of requirements for advertising it is most likely not going to happen. The top navigation will be replaced with a Sticky Nav that will have Anchor Links to the different sections on this page. The Creative Brief requires all content to be on a single page without the use of tabs (I know this because I wanted to consolidate content in an attempt to reduce the page length – 10,778px long!). The design utilizes elements like Ghost Buttons, a pop-up for the Local Agent Form (accessible from the Sticky Nav), New Colors based on the newly created Brand Guidelines (I’ll post that too), New Charts, and New Icons. There is also a Creative Cloud collaborative Library with all Text Styles, Colors, and Icons that I have assembled for Homefacts. If you would like to see the current page that this project was created for click here.