The existing website is done in Joomla, but the client wanted something easier to manage. This redesign is for a Wordpress version of their website the significantly proposes to simplify the addition of content by users that don’t have experience with HTML. On the client’s wish list was to have video content on their home page.

Velocity – UI Design

Mobile Demand-Side Platform (DSP), Velocity Velocity was built for mobile from the ground up. Velocity makes complex decisions in millisecond time on billions of ad impressions based on hundreds of audience attributes. Leveraging first- and third-party data to help users understand where consumers are and how to reach them. Fast data does not even begin to describe…

Homefacts Website Redesign

This Address Page for Homefacts was created using a 12 column Bootstrap layout. The side column on the right will lock at the bottom as the user scrolls so you won’t have a blank gray area on the right. It is my desire to have the right column be collapsible, but I know that because of requirements for advertising it is most likely not going to happen. The top navigation will be replaced with a Sticky Nav…

LoanPal – Website Comps

These images are comps for the LoanPal website (specifically the “Company” pages). Both options have a transparent menu at the top that would be a Sticky Navigation that follows the user as the page scrolls. The top image and text are to be Full Screen with short cut links to the website’s other pages. Designs are created using a 12 column bootstrap layout and are intended to be fully responsive.